Monday, May 31, 2010

Jax: 1 year

Jax David Pemberton
My sweet, cuddly second born is 1 today! Hard to believe, it feels like he has always been part of our family. I tried really hard this past year to enjoy each and every moment of him being a baby, I tried to savor each cuddle, smell, feeding, smile, cooing moment of my sweet baby boy but time still passed much too quickly. Its hard for me to put into words just how special Jax is to me and our family. I think the most important thing he taught me is how to love so much bigger than I have ever loved before. There is nothing quite like being a mommy, it is by far the most important job I have ever been given and also the most rewarding. Jax and Colt make it so easy to be a mommy, both of them are such easy going, good natured little boys. So as we celebrate this sweet boy's birthday today, I can't but help but feel the sadness that no matter how hard I try to savor and enjoy each and every moment it still passes much quicker than I would like......

Jax, at 1 year old you are crawling everywhere and today on your actual birthday you decided you were ready to start climbing up the stairs. We had to get the gate out today and put it on the stairs as you were pretty insistent about climbing them over and over again. You have started pulling up on things and if we hold your hand you will walk with us. You say mama, dada, ball, catch, uh-oh and love to point to things. You sign "dog" and "more". You love to throw and catch balls and wherever we go you love to have a ball in your hand. In the car, in the stroller, crawling around the house, in the bath, wherever it may be you always have a little ball gripped in those chubby little hands. You love to eat and are not a picky eater as long as its not baby food and you can feed it to yourself. You are now drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup and still nursing when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. You like your binky when you are going to bed but rarely use it any other time. Besides balls your lovie is your next favorite toy, you carry it everywhere and love to rub your face on it. You are easy going, laid back and rarely get upset about too many things (except when Colt takes your ball away). You sleep pretty well at night and take 2 good naps a day. You are wearing size 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You have the chunkiest thighs and feet that I love to squeeze and that always makes you laugh. You look like your daddy, time will tell if that will change but for now you are a mirror image of him. YOU, my baby boy made our family complete. Whether we have more children in the future or not our family felt complete when you were born on that hot, sunny Sunday at 6:37 pm. You surprised us by coming 3 weeks early and couldn't even wait for the doctor to get to the hospital before making your entrance. You were 7lbs 6oz of pure wonderful, you fit right into my arms and it was like you had always been in our life. I will never forget that first moment of seeing you, finding out you were a boy, your poor little face was bruised and blue but you were beautiful and magical to me. Since then you have worked yourself into the heart of your daddy and brother and they have a love for you that goes beyond anything I can comprehend. Though your first year has come and gone and the thought of you growing up is hard for me to deal with I am looking forward to seeing the plans that God has for you.
Happy 1st Birthday sweetie!!
1 year stats
Weight: 23.4 lbs (60%)
Height: 31 inches (90%)

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