Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colt's First Archery Competition

Today was a first for Colt. After months of listening to his daddy teach him out to use his bow and asking to "shoot the turkey" every day when we got home he finally got to put his skills to use. They had an archery shoot at Fish Hook Ranch in Pasco today and they had a cub division (7 and under). Dave has been telling Colt about it for a month now and Colt has been talking about it alot.
We stayed the night in Kennewick Friday night, I had our district track meet at Richland so we stayed at Dave's parents house. The track meet didn't get over until almost 11 and my wake up call was at 5:15 am. Colt came into the room and told me it was time to go and "shoot a croccodile" I guess in my tired state I must have looked scared because then he said "don't worry mom its fake". We started off the morning with breakfast at I-HOP (which included some strong coffee!!). Mike, Julie, Taylor and Randee all got up super early to be there to support Colt.
Colt didn't eat much at breakfast, he almost acted kind of nervous which was funny.
The course was 20 targets and was about a mile hike to get to all of them. We started off to the first target.
Randee was the lucky winner who got to hold Jax in the baby Bjorn. Too bad for her that he happens to weigh almost 23 pounds. Her back is probably going to hurt her for days!
Dave shot first and just like when they practice at home Colt stood patiently next to him waiting his turn.
Then it was Colt's turn. He started by getting his bow ready..... a little help from daddy.....
....and then was ready to shoot...
...and he got it! He was thrilled.
I think all of us had fun watching both Colt and Dave shoot. We had gotten to the place about 7:30 and by 8 we were all pretty warm. It was hot out and the sun was shining. It took almost 2 hours to get through the entire course. We had to wait on people ahead of us for part of it but overall it went quickly.
He looks so little in this picture!
They had these colored stakes in the ground that told you were to stand, Colt's stakes were white (for the cub division) and most the time he would shoot from the stake but sometimes he would "sneak" up on the animal and shoot from a closer range. Watching him sneak was hilarious!
 Pulling his arrow out of the boar.
Daddy and Colt checking out there shots on the snakes.
Giving Daddy five after hitting the dinosaur (in the tail!!!).
Colt got tired of hiking and spent most of the time between shoots riding on Uncle Taylor's shoulders. Spending time with Dave's family is like having a house full of babysitters; there is always ALOT of people who are more than willing to help with the kids.
Pemberton boys.
We made it!
What a fun morning, Colt really seemed to enjoy it though he was very tired by the end. Jax slept for a bit and then was awake for the last part and was easy to have around. Overall, Colt did really well for not even being 3, he was the youngest kid that we saw by probably about 5 years. It is really amazing how well he does at these type of things, though it could be a dangerous sport for the most part he knows where he needs to stand, not to run around, is mostly careful about where he points his bow and listens to Dave really well. I am so proud of him!!


The Price Family said...

I love everything about this post! What a great thing for Colt to do with his dad, what a little stud! Dave's family is so great, it makes me want to have a big family! Awesome pictures and what a special thing to document and for Colt to always look forward too. Great work Pemberton Family!

Rach said...

What a cool thing he got to do. And fun for you to see him in action, not in the back yard :) kids are amazing.

The Park Family said...

Oh my goodness! This is so adorable!!! Tell Colt to keep practicing so he can get the alligators when you visit!!!