Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making the best of being sick.

We have had one sickness after another around our house these last 6 weeks. Both the kids have had colds, coughs, ear infections, etc. Not very fun, this last one hit Jax the worst and he basically spent 3 days doing nothing but crying. It was heartbreaking as he is usually a very laid back, quiet little guy but with his ear infection and cold putting pressure on his ears he was just a mess. He wouldn't sleep, not in the evenings or during the day. The only way I could get him to stop crying was to nurse him, so Sunday and Monday night were sleepless for both Jax and I. I finally took him back to the doctor on Tuesday since he was so miserable but since he was already on medicine for his ears there was really nothing else that could be done. I did get some numbing drops for his ears and that seemed to help. By Wednesday morning he woke up happy and back to his normal self (for the most part!).
Since Jax was so miserable I stayed home with the boys on Monday and Tuesday.  I figured since we were home I should come up with some fun things for Colt and I to do together. I had to stop at the store to get Jax his ear drops so while we were waiting for the prescription to be filled we walked around and looked at the toys and games. On Monday, Colt and I were reading through his Highlights magazine that my mom got him and they had a set of cards in the magazine that you could cut out and use to play memory. So I cut them out for him and we played a couple rounds. When I saw this Memory game I knew Colt would love it, especially because it is the Toy Story memory game!
I started with a smaller amount of cards and set the board up for him, he is good at the matching but not so good at taking turns.:)
We played for over an hour before it was time for him to take a nap. When he woke up from his nap he wanted to play again. It was a fun activity to do on a day where we couldn't be outside playing because Jax was sick. I need to start looking for more games like this and learning activities for this summer and next school year. We are not going to be sending him to preschool for another 2 years but since I am only working "part-time" next year (more on that later) I want to have a routine set up where we do a little "school" activity for an hour or so everyday.
Jax did have a smiley moment, this was taken about 3 in the afternoon and he was still in in pajamas. I think this was probably one of those moments where the tylenol or ibuprofen actually worked (it happened a couple of times for about 20 minutes). Even though both boys were sick it was still fabulous staying home with them. We didn't even go anywhere or do anything really exciting but we still had fun. I am looking forward to more days like this once school is out!

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