Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Randomness #1
Last night we had our track banquet. Track is not over yet, we still have about 2 weeks left but if we waited until the end of the season it would almost be time for school to get out so we always have it during the week of regionals. I worked all day, had track practice till 5:30, got the kids and come running in the door by 5:45 to change since the banquet started at 6. Only problem is Dave was not around, after looking around I realized he had gone on a bike ride and left his cell phone on the counter (how convenient for him). I did tell him multiple times over the course of the last couple days that I had my track banquet Tuesday night and he had the kids. Long story short he rolled in about 6:25 and I looked at him and said something to the effect of "hmmm must be nice" and ran out the door. I hate being late so I was upset and maybe a little mad, I drove as fast as I could to the banquet and left my cell phone in the car. The banquet got over at about 8:45 and when I got back in my car I saw that I had 11 text messages all from Dave. Here's what they said:
6:49 "I am soooooo sorry. Big mistake. Let me know what my punishment is"
7:01 "I love u"
7:05 " I think u are sooo pretty"
8:10 "You look skinny"
8:14 "You need a back rub tonight?"
8:18 "Our boys are sure lucky to have a mom like you!"
8:20 "Your sesy!"
8:21 "I am so glad god gave me you for a wife"
8:23 " I wish I had your ability to remember schedules" (I died laughing when I read this!)
8:30 "Are you having a good time, I sure am loving watching the kids"
8:35 he sent me a picture of Colt with the caption : "Boy, dad can be a dummy sometimes, huh?"
By the time I got done reading all of these texts I was smiling and laughing. He knows me so well!

Colt is turning into such a little man now. This morning he took off his diaper (he still wets the bed at night) and put it in the garbage, took off his pajamas and put them in the laundry (I still can't figure out why my 2 year old can put his clothes in the laundry yet my 30 year old husband still cannot), picked out his own underwear, shorts and shirt and put them all on by himself with absolutely no help from me! However, before he picked out his shorts he looked outside and said "Mommy it's kind of cloudy out today, do you think its going to rain?" I told him it was supposed to be sunny and he replied "ok I guess I will wear shorts then." Before we left he put on his sock and his shoes(and they were on the right feet too!). I can't believe he is already to the point where he no longer is needing my help for everything!

Yesterday, on the car ride home after track practice I asked Colt how his day was. He replied "my day was good mommy, how was your day?"

Randomness #3
Jax is so much fun. He is healthy again and so so happy. He loves to clap and point at things. He is very close to start signing some things. I have been working with him more on it lately and he seems to be catching on. I love to hear him crawl around the house saying "mamamama" over and over again.

Randomness #4
Summer is sooo close! I only have 15 teaching days left. Really looking forward to life slowing down, playing with the boys, sleeping a little more, working out ALOT more, spending time with my family and friends and just enjoying being only a "mom" for a couple months.

Randomness #5
Sometimes my boys do look alike!


Anonymous said...

Do you think your husband would have sent you all those texts if he knew you were going to publish them on your blog for all the world to read. Cant a guy make a mistake in private anymore? Perhaps next time write it in the diary and leave it off the blog.

Written by: Coalition of Husbands for Spousal Violence

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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