Sunday, May 30, 2010

State Track & the Chase Family

We left last Wednesday for the state track meet in Tacoma. Dave and the kids came too and we stayed with our good friends the Chase's in Olympia. Jess and I barely saw each other between me spending all day at the track meet in Tacoma and her having things with work and family going on. That meant that Dave and Dale spent pretty much most the time with the 4 kids and they did a great job! Dale and Jess have 2 boys that are just a little younger than our boys. Wyatt turned 2 in February and Gavin was born this past November. Colt and Wyatt had a great time playing together and did really well for the most part. The track meet was Thursday-Saturday and the weather was cold, windy and rainy most the time. Not ideal for a track meet, especially at the end of May. I know Dave is glad that track season is over so he doesn't have to play Mr. Mom anymore but him and Dale were great about staying home and taking care of the kids while Jess and I were busy.
Colt and Wyatt spent time together coloring, wrestling, shooting hoops, watching movies, reading books and doing just a little bit of fighting.
Gavin and Jax, these two will be good buddies just like Colt and Wyatt someday!
The last night we were there we were planning on going home because I wanted to get everything ready for Jax's birthday on Monday. Dave talked me into staying one more night and because I was so tired I hardly even argued.:) Dale and Dave got to get out of the house and go golfing and Jess and I took the kids to this place in Olympia called Charlie Safari. It was like a big indoor playground that included bouncy houses. Colt and Wyatt had so much fun running around and jumping.
We stopped in North Bend on our way home to let the kids run around for a bit, it was early so none of the outlet malls were open yet and Colt wanted to ride on the toy airplane with Jax. These two boys are so great together!!

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