Friday, May 14, 2010

Colt, Colt and more Colt.

Hard to believe my first "baby" is going to be 3 in just a few short months. Colt has become a boy overnight and he continues to amaze me everyday. He brings so much happiness and joy to our lives and to the lives of our family. He is all boy, loves to wrestle with daddy, turns every bat, golf club or stick into a gun or fishing pole, never slows down, runs everywhere, eats all day, and is constantly playing outside in the dirt with bugs. When I found out that Colt was a boy I was excited because I knew that Dave really wanted a son, I had no idea how much I would love having a son! 
Colt comes into our room every morning about 5 and always comes over to my side of the bed, wakes me up and says "mommy, can I lay with you." Even at 5am it is the sweetest voice in the world, and so I help him up into bed and he snuggles into my arms and we fall back asleep. Since it has gotten light out so early I have been getting up at 5 and running before work, alot of those mornings Colt will hear me getting ready and will come running down the stairs calling my name and asking to go with me. I get him his banana and milk and put him in the jogger with lots of blankets to stay warm. Some days Jax comes too. My boys are early risers! I love it though, the early mornings are so peaceful, the air feels perfect for running, and both the boys sit quietly enjoying the ride.
Colt cracks me up with some of the stuff that he says these days. When either Dave or I get frustrated with him he will say "Mom (or Dad) don't be so mad at me, don't be mad mommy." The other night he was laying in bed with Dave and Dave had his head on Colt's chest. Dave told Colt that he could hear his heart beating and Colt says "Can you hear Jesus in there?" Dave then asked what he thought Jesus was saying and Colt's response was "Let me out of here, let me out."
He has been potty trained for a couple months now but still needs help with the wiping. Dave was in the bathroom one afternoon with the door open and Colt was in the other room playing. After awhile Colt goes "Dave, do you need me to wipe you?". He has taken to calling him Dave sometimes since that is what he always hears me calling him. I could go on and on about all the funny stuff he says. It's times like this that I wish we were on a reality show just so I would have all this captured on camera.
I love him so much!
Practicing being a ninja.
Now practicing the violin.
 The sword never leaves his side, not even in his sleep.

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