Saturday, June 5, 2010

Randee's High School Graduation

We drove over to Tri-Cities this morning to celebrate Randee's high school graduation. She is the baby in Dave's family so she is the last to graduate. Dave's parents had a graduation brunch for her so we got up early and arrived in Kennewick about 9:30. Colt and Camryn immediately wanted to play on the swing set so Dave and Taylor pushed them.
The weather could not have been more gorgeous (especially after all the rain we have gotten in the last 2 weeks!).
Jax and the graduate.
The rules were that you had to hold a baby in order to play ladder ball.
Cousins: Colt, Jax, Camryn, Calvin

After about 40 pictures the four of them were done!
Jax was happy to sit for a few more pictures though.
Checking out his......

My dad....
....and mom drove over too!
My mom was the typical elementary teacher, taking off her shoes and playing with the kids!
Dave's parents yard is the perfect set up for being outside. They have a huge deck with a gazebo, a fish pond, playground set, trampoline and a HUGE yard.
Cam pitching the ball to Colt.
Aunt Dee Dee read to kids one last book before leaving for graduation.


McP Family said...

the boys look so big!!!!! where did all this time go. Care you so good and so do your parents. Hope to see you soon.

McP Family said...

you LOOK so good is what i meant to say. i have two kids crawling on me