Saturday, June 26, 2010

Colt's 3rd Birthday

Colt's 3rd birthday yesterday was one of the best days of summer so far. We spent all day celebrating him and it was more fun than I ever could have imagined. In return Colt was so happy and excited all day long, always very appreciative of what we were doing for him and very well behaved.
 First thing we did when Colt woke up was go outside and give him his present from us. We got him a bike, Colt has been talking about a bike since Christmas. We told him he could get one for his 3rd birthday if he was potty trained. He has been potty trained since about February and constantly reminds us that he no longer needs diaper and so he should get a bike.
Trying it out for the first time. He was a little unsure on it and he has already fallen once but he is even better today at it than he was yesterday. I am sure before long he will be cruising around our culdesac.
Happy Birthday Colt!
We all went out to help him ride his bike for the first time.
My boys.
 For lunch Colt wanted to go to McDonald's, my mom had stopped by to see Colt on his birthday and she offered to stay home with Jax so we could just take Colt by himself. Colt and I went and picked Dave up from work and went to lunch. Colt had fun being an only child for an hour.
When we got back home my mom had made homemade strawberry jam as party favors for Colt's party that night. Colt helped her decorate the jars.
They turned out pretty cute.
My mom and dad got Colt this superhero cape. It says "Super Hero Colt" on the side of it. He ran around with it yelling "to infinity and beyond" over and over again.
The cake!
I went back and forth about what to do for his cake this year. He said he wanted a Spiderman cake so I was planning to call Dairy Queen and see if we could get an ice cream cake with Spiderman on top. However, I finally decided just to make one from scratch and figured I would buy some Spiderman figurines and put them on top of the cake.. Colt wanted a chocolate cake so I made him a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. We went to the store to pick out the figurines, but when Colt saw Buzz and Woody he decided he would rather have a Toy Story cake. It turned out yummy!!
Ready for his party. He was so excited for everyone to come.
Poppi, Memah, Papa, Di Di, Uncle Andy, Aunt Kenzie, Camryn, Calvin and Aunt Dee Dee all came over to celebrate Colt's birthday. Colt asked for pizza so I ordered pizza from Papa Murphy's and made a big fruit salad and a big pitcher of fresh strawberry lemonade. The weather was really nice by evening so we all sat outside and visited (patio furniture would have been nice!).
Cousins and their favorite Aunt Dee Dee.
One of the many reasons why Aunt Dee Dee is a favorite.
Giving Poppi a wet hug.
After dinner and pool time Colt wanted to blow out his candles. He got so embarrassed when everyone was singing to him. It was cute.
Blowing out his candles.
Jax enjoyed Colt's birthday cake more than Colt did.
After cake and ice cream Colt got to open his presents. The first one he opened was a Buzz Lightyear, as you can see he was very excited.
Camryn wanted to open some too and she would very nicely ask Colt if she could open a present and Colt would just as nicely say "sure". It was fun watching them open the presents.
Colt got this deer to practice his bow hunting on and my dad thought he should give Jax a little ride.
Jax was so ready for bed by this time but he got some good snuggles from his Memah.........
...and had fun honking his Poppi's nose.
It was a great day and we ended it by watching Toy Story 2 with Colt in our bed. He asked me to cuddle with him and I happily did!


posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

What a fun party and what a big boy! I love the pics of him on his bike. They sure grow up fast. I almost called you to see if David would take offense to what I wrote on my blog. Then I thought, "It's David." I was laughing so hard as I wrote it! I can't believe it is almost July...why does the summer go by so fast?

Michelle said...

Sounds like the perfect 3rd birthday!
Enjoy each moment. They just get better and better!

The Park Family said...

Man how much I miss being at the family birthday parties! I can't believe how fast Colt and Jax are growing up. I hope they remember me and Colt likes his birthday presents along with Jax.

Anonymous said...

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