Friday, October 29, 2010


I realize it has been much too long since I last posted (especially for me). I have thought often about sitting down and getting back to blogging, after all this is my scrapbook of our life and since I hardly have the time to finish the boys' baby books this has been a great way to write down all the milestones, memories and adventures of our family. We have had a lot of that occur in the last month, I have lots of stuff to share and lots of pictures to post. Since this is my journal I will back date them so you will have to scroll down past this post as they appear (whenever that may happen). Here is a quick summary of the last month and I promise with the holidays coming I will be posting a lot more.
  • Jax is a full time walker! It is so fun to see him and Colt chase each other around the house, now I just want Jax to get stronger so he can push Colt back! He is also learning new words everyday.
  • Colt finished up swimming lessons last week, he had fun and is pretty close to swimming on his own. Maybe next summer?
  • Dave has been hunting (duh) every type of animal imaginable, this month it has been chuckar, pheasant duck and deer.
  • Marni and I ran the Walla Walla half marathon on 10/10/10. Very fun race and a great course. I will have a full race recap on that in another post.
  • We took a 4 day trip to Lynden (well it really only ends up being 2 days after all the driving) and spent some time with all of our great college friends. It was so much fun and the kids all had a blast.
  • Our church had a very cool harvest party that both the boys loved. Lots of fun games, prizes and the best part was the hay ride!
  • Our growth group started back up this last month, we meet Sunday afternoons. My parents watch the kids for us but so far I have had to go solo, all those hunting trips keep Dave pretty busy. Maybe November will be a better month!
  • Overall we are doing well. I am loving the extra time with the kids this year and we are having fun doing activities, play dates with friends, MOPS and much more!

 Lots of new posts coming soon!

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