Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Day

Marni came for the weekend so her and I could run the Walla Walla half marathon on Sunday. We stayed at my mom's place all weekend long. Both Dave and my dad were chuckar hunting so it was a girls weekend plus the little guys. Saturday morning everyone got up early thanks to Colt and Jax so we jumped right in and go the day started. After a yummy breakfast of bran muffins and ham/egg casserole (thanks mom!) we got in the car and went to Klickers pumpkin patch.
Colt and Jax had so much fun with these silly glasses.
Jax had the most fun trying to take them off every time I wanted a picture.
At Klickers, Colt grabbed a wagon to hold all our pumpkins and we went in search of some pumpkins.
 Apparently Colt knew just what he wanted, he ran right over and picked up the biggest pumpkin he could find.
 Then put it in the wagon and tried to pick up as many others as he could get to fit in the wagon. He was so excited.
 Jax just wanted a wagon ride and he didn't mind sharing his wagon with the pumpkin either.
 Jax didn't seem too thrilled by the slide but I think Marni had fun.
 Colt did it all by himself this year, and wanted to do it over and over again.

 We really tried to get some fun pics with the boys but they were not cooperating!
 Once we got home and Jax went down for a nap we got out the carving tools and each of us carved a pumpkin.
I forgot to get a picture of the pumpkins when they were done but they turned out cute. Later that night we lit all the pumpkins and Colt loved it! It was a fun fall day with my sissy, mom and boys.
Next up, running 13.1 miles!

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mires said...

And what a fabulous time it was! Already planning for our "event" for next hanging out with my girls and our little ones. Love you.