Friday, May 27, 2011


 Colt, Jax, Case.
I can't believe I have three boys!
 Giving Case some love, these two love love love having a baby brother.
They ask all the time to hold him and kiss him
Oldest and Youngest.
Colt is really good at holding him but always makes sure to ask first.
 Jax has done so well with Case, I think he asks to hold him more than Colt does. He's also very gentle and careful with him.

I am THRILLED to be given the opportunity to raise these 3 boys. I've had people ask me if I was disappointed that Case was a boy and the honest answer with no hesitation is "no". I love being a mom to boys, I am sure I would love being a mom to a little girl too but right now all I know is boys and they are the best as far as I am concerned. I have visions of my boys coming home from high school and college and wrapping me in these huge hugs like I see Dave do to his mom (and he still does it today!). I know there's going to be a lot of rough housing, wrestling, and stinky smells but there is also going to be a lot of outdoor adventures, love and awesome memories. Dave calls me princess, not necessarily because I am the "princess" type (though he says I act like a princess at times:)) but  because I am the only girl in the house, its something he has called me for quite awhile. Honestly, I love hearing him call me that, to me it means that he loves and cherishes me and would do anything for me. So I am pretty happy I don't have to give up that title right now. As Dave said "Queen doesn't sound quite as funny as Princess."


Shane & Courtney Stacy said...

Good Job Care with all the blogging already, I am amazed you have found the time. I can't wait to meet Case and I think he looks so much like you. Miss you guys and love you!

Mrs. Hutch said...

I love this post!!

Rach said...

It is pretty exciting that you still get to be the princess of the house!

Rach said...

PS Case is so cute.