Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meeting Case

Dave's mom brought the boys to meet Case later that morning. Dave and I hadn't slept at all and were both pretty tired but we were excited to see the boys. They were thrilled with Case and they brought Case his lovie and were both so excited to give it to him.
I love the look on Colt's face here, he was so excited to hold "Case Michael" as he calls him.
Love my 3 boys!! I love saying that.

I was really nervous about how Jax would take having a new baby in the house, he is so attached to me but he has been great with it. He is still a mommy's boy but has yet to get upset about Case or mad about me holding him.

A very proud big brother!
My mom came to the hospital shortly after Case was born and got to hold him for awhile.
My dad came around 7 to meet him for the first time. Case was born on the day before my dad's birthday, my dad was really hoping he would make it to his birthday.
                           Auntie Dee Dee and Case.

  My best friend from high school Audra Cummings holding Case.
Poppi and Case Michael.
We named him after Dave's dad (his first name is Michael).

We came home to the boys waiting for us with signs for Case. Julie and Randee had helped them make  welcome home signs.
    They were so excited to have us home and I was so excited to be home with them!
Memah and Case.

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The Price Family said...

I want a picture of me holding Case!!! Not fair...So glad you are adjusting so well to 3! I so totally think that Case looks more like you, although like your mom said, Dave definitley puts his "stamp" on those boys!