Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jax turns 2!

 Today is Jax's 2nd birthday. He has learned so much in the last year and has changed a lot. He's a sweet sweet little boy who has taken on the role of big brother quite well. He loves all things outdoors and his favorite activity is throwing or kicking balls all around our back yard. He has great hand-eye coordination for only being two and can throw and kick a ball better than mommy (but that's not saying much). He is really starting to talk (finally) he is still not putting full sentences together but he knows A LOT of words and can pretty much string the words so we know what he is talking about. For example the other day he was crying and I asked him what happened, his response was " Colt.....eye......hit". Most the times this works well, he gets extremely frustrated when we don't understand him though and pitches the most amazing fits. When I say "amazing" I don't mean that in a good way, he screams and kicks and throws himself on the floor dramatically. The next minute he's back up and giving us hugs and kisses and saying " Mommy, I wuv you". He is not very good about going to sleep at night, most nights he is out of bed 2-3 times before he finally goes down for the night. He loves to kiss his little brother Case all the time, he is constantly walking over to him saying " Hi Tase" and kissing him on his face. He loves to do everything Colt does, he no longer uses any type of booster seat because he wants to sit at the table like the rest of us. He loves to pray at the dinner table and at night and always says "amen" when we are done. His favorite thing is his lovie bear which he calls "bear", he loves to kiss it and hold it and always wants it when he is hurt or upset. He is a great eater who will eat (or at least try) most everything we put in front of him. He does have a love for desserts though which I am sure he gets from me and he loves to stuff his cheeks and hold food in them like a chipmunk. He LOVES books and when I say LOVES, I mean he really really really LOVES them. He would probably sit for hours and listen to me read to him if I had the time. Since Case has come we have spent a lot of time reading books while I nurse Case. Jax thinks this is the best thing ever and will bring me book after book to read. We love this little boy so much and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jax David....you are the exact image of your daddy lucky boy!

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