Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catch up pictures

 Colt did a 5 week soccer camp at the community college this spring. He loved it and had a great time.
 Case can usually be found outside playing on one of the 4 riding cars/bikes/scooters we have. People comment often on how dark he is, his skin is very dark and since he spends most his days outside it just keeps getting darker.
 My boys enjoying some saturday morning snuggles.
 Playing on the playyard. The weather has been amazing so far this spring. Sunny and lots of 70 degree temps.
 Case enjoying a run with me in Colt's cowboy boots and then riding his plasma car.
 Dave took Colt and Jax to Brownlee for a weekend and Colt caught this huge 40 lb carp!
 Dave did the Onionman Triathlon here in Walla Walla. We had fun one Sunday cheering him on.
 Case enjoying his first Dutch Bros. smoothie.
Colt finish preschool! He had such a great year and his teachers all had really nice things to say about him. He is so excited for kindergarten next year at Davis Elementary.

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