Friday, May 31, 2013

Jax's 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Jax David!
We love celebrating birthday's around here and today it was finally Jax's turn. He has been talking about his birthday since we had Case's birthday last week and all the different ninja turtle stuff he wanted for his birthday. He woke up to lots of fun presents from his brothers and us and asked for banana muffins with white chocolate chips for breakfast. (He also got a special trip to the doughnut shop later on that morning).
We had his party the next day and he had some friends come as well as lots of family.

The pinata was a huge hit with all the kids and they all loved taking turns hitting it and then attacking the candy.
He asked for an oreo cake for his birthday so I found one online and made it, it was a good one and definitely a cake I will make again. 
Jax is a quiet kid who is very shy at first but has a sense of humor that only those that really know him get to see. He is sweet and loving and sensitive with a huge heart and a smile that makes me smile. He loves super heros and ninja turtles and can usually be found at all times with some sort of action figure in his hand and wearing a superhero shirt. He loves to go to bed late and sleep in (so far he is our only kid that sleeps past 7-sometimes even 8), he is a night owl and loves to come into our room long after we put him to bed and snuggle and wrestle with dad before we finally make him go back to bed. He loves reading books and has even started reading some of his books to Case. He is very excited about the new baby, he often asks me how much longer until the baby will be here and says that if it is a boy it should be named Tiger and a girl it should be named April (because April is the only girl on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). We are working on his letters and numbers but having an older brother is motivating him to get a little more interested in it. He can write his name and recognize a few letters and is getting better with his counting. Since his birthday is late May we will not send him to kindergarten until he is 6 so he will be at home with me for another year before going to preschool in the fall of 2014-15.

4 year stats
Height: 41.5 inches 90%
Weight: 40lbs 5 oz 80%
4 year shots: he was a champ, not even a tear was shed.

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