Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colt's 6th birthday

After waiting so patiently for his mom, dad, and both his brothers celebrating their birthdays Colt's big day was finally here. He woke up to decorations and presents from us.
My parents dropped by the big "birthday box" that they always do for the boys.

Colt got legos and ninja turtle gear so the rest of the morning was spent playing with his new toys and eating bread dough pudding.

A couple days later we had his family birthday party. He wanted pizza and an oreo DQ cake which made it pretty easy on me to throw a party. It was so hot out (100+) so I also went ahead and purchased a small pool for the backyard which the cousins all had fun playing in.
Colt got the new teenage mutant ninja turtle phone from Memah and Poppi and they got Jax one too so they could talk to each other.

We got a new cousin picture: Camryn (6), Colt (6), Jax (4), Calvin (3), Case(2) and Evalynn (10months)

Colt is the best 6 year old I could have ever asked for, he is so sweet, loving and responsible for being only 6. I know at times I probably ask more of him than I should but he just tries so hard and wants to please everyone. He is really looking forward to kindergarten in the fall and talks about riding the bus and eating lunch at school. I am really going to miss having him around all day but am so proud of the little boy he is becoming. He loves the outdoors just like his dad, fishing, hunting,shooting bows, working on projects with hammers and nails but also loves reading books, coloring, playing board games with mom, crafts and school work (at least for now). We have been doing quite a bit of swimming this summer and he is getting much more confident on his own. He loves the water and would spend all day every day in a pool if we had one.

6 year stats: coming soon
Height: 48 inches (95%)
Weight: 57.5 lbs (90%)

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