Monday, July 8, 2013


On the 4th of July we got the call that my sister Amy was in labor (with girl #4!!) so the boys and I packed up the Excursion and followed my parents to Boise to meet the newest little cousin (and my 8th niece!). Dave had to work so unfortunately he had to stay home which was a bummer because we basically turned this little getaway into a mini vacation.
Maggie Mae Mitchell was born just before 11am on 7/4/13 and weighed 7lbs 15 oz. She is adorable and the entire family is thrilled to have her here. It was so fun to be there and experience all of it, my older nieces were so excited and I am so happy for Andy and Amy.
We got into Boise around 3 and went straight to the hospital.  This is my mom and dad's 9th grandchild.
Di Di holding Maggie and Case being his usual 2 year old self.
After the hospital we went back to Marni's place to swim and Madelyn and Elena came too, then over to Andy and Amy's house for dinner and fireworks with all my nieces. It was such a fun 4th of July and even though we did not do a traditional 4th of July party or gathering it was still very special since Maggie had joined our family earlier that day. The boys had so much fun jumping on the trampoline and playing with their older cousins that night. The next morning the boys and I took a walk down to the coffee shop close to Marni's place and then went back to the pool to do more swimming (Marni had to work but joined us later in the day).
After a couple trips to the swimming pool, another visit to the hospital and a good nap for Case Marni and I along with all the kiddos walked to a pizza place for dinner and then downtown for fro-yo. By the time we started walking back to Marni's house Colt and Jax were tired and not interested in walking anymore so the girls traded off carrying (or running after) Case and we put the older two in the stroller for the walk back to Marni's. We did not get there till 10:00 that night and the boys were asleep as soon as they laid down in their sleeping bags.
The next morning we stopped by the hospital one last time to see Amy and Maggie and then I loaded up the car to drive down to Brownlee to spend some time with my parents, Marni and Chris at the cabin. The older boys were entertained by a movie and Case was entertained by talking to me non-stop for the 2 hour drive to the cabin (of course he fell asleep 10 minutes before we got there).
The boys love the cabin, lots to do as far as fishing, swimming, hiking around, throwing rocks and just being boys. They caught a few fish, we had some yummy food and Marni's boyfriend Chris brought his boat so the older two got to go tubing as well. It was relaxing and fun.

We missed Dave who could not come because he had to work but it was fun for the boys and I to take a little trip and just play. I had lots of help between my mom, dad and Marni and so it really felt like a vacation for everyone. In fact looking through these pictures makes me want to go back right now!

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