Friday, July 26, 2013

36 weeks + 3 days

 I can honestly say this has been the quickest pregnancy ever (though I know I didn't feel that way when I was sick and nauseated the first 20 weeks). The closer I get to my due date the faster time seems to go by. This is my last pregnancy and I am determined to try and enjoy every kick and movement and my big big belly until the day this baby decides to come and meet us. It has been hot here (100 degrees +) but I have been doing my best to deal with it and stay as cool as I can manage. I did finally get some baby stuff organized this past week, I washed blankets and a boy and girl outfit as well as any gender neutral clothing that I had. The pack n play is set up in our room so the baby can sleep by me for the first couple months and we moved Case into the boys room into a bed of his own.So far he has done really well both at night and during nap time in his bed, Colt usually falls right asleep and then we always hear Jax and Case chatting away for 10 minutes or so before they finally fall asleep too.
 All three boys are in the bonus room in our house above the garage. It is a rectangular room with no closet and we literally have no storage in our house so I have really tried to minimize the number of toys and extras that they have just so we can keep the room somewhat organized. As they get older we will eventually get them real beds rather than just twin size mattresses on the floor but for now this works and they seem to love it.
The boys got to have a sleepover weekend at their Popee and Memah's last weekend. They had a blast as always and Memah and Popee did not disappoint. They went to the movie Turbo, did lots of swimming and had a big fun camp out in their backyard with all their cousins (Camryn (6), Colt (6), Jax (4), Calvin (3), Case(2) and Evie (11 months). These boys are so lucky to have so much family around them that love them and love doing things with them.


desertrunnergirl said...

You look SO good! Your arms are amazing.

Michelle said...

15You look great and love the boys sleeping pics!
I sent you a little note on FB! Hope to see you soon.