Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Case

Case turns 2 today and he was thrilled that it was his big day. The boys made such a big deal out of his birthday that he really got it and knew that today was all about him!
I kept it very simple for him, the boys got him a small present and Dave and I got him some rubber balloons and a pail/shovel. He loved opening up the presents and playing with his new toys. 
Aunt Marni sent him a singing card with candy in it that he carried around with him for the next 2 weeks and listened to it play until it finally died. Pretty sure that was his favorite gift of all!

We had banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and he got to blow out 2 candles on his muffin. He loved blowing it out and thought it was so fun to be the big kid. Colt and Jax also LOVED that it was his birthday and all day long would bust out singing Happy Birthday to him. By the end of the day Case knew every word and could sing along to the song as well.
After I got home from work I found them playing outside in the mud with Case's new pail and shovel. They were all filthy but I let them do it anyway because Case loved it!

We celebrated later that evening with pizza and chocolate cake (but I can't find the pictures anywhere on my camera!). It was such a fun day celebrating this little guy. He is as busy as can be and I have never had a 2 year old quite like him. He goes non-stop from the minute he wakes up (which is usually fairly early) and doesn't stop until he is put to bed at night. He is still in a crib but we will be moving him over the summer to a bed in the same room as his brothers (that could be very interesting). He can talk in full sentences and has the funniest sense of humor, he LOVES both his brothers but also LOVES to tease them and take things and run with them. He is FAST, really fast, and uses it to his advantage all the time. He has started peeing on the toilet but I have not started any type of potty training yet, he basically just tells me he wants to go pee on the potty and I take him.  He loves to play ninja turtles with his brothers, read books, take showers, swim and ride bikes. In fact he would probably swim and ride bikes all day long if that was an option. The minute he wakes up he runs to  the door asking to go outside. He is a good eater, does not complain about much of anything we feed him and will eat most things or at least try everything. We love him a bunch and can not imagine what life was like without him in it (though I know it was a lot quieter on long car trips....the kid never stops talking!).

2 year stats
Weight: 27lbs 3 oz 25%
Height: 34 inches 50%
HC: 25%

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Aww, Happy Birthday Case!!!!