Sunday, August 25, 2013

Colbi Lyn Pemberton

Colbi Lyn Pemberton was born on August 25, 2013 at 5:04 am. 
She weighed 8lbs 10oz and 21.5 inches long.

Birth Story
 At my 40 week appointment I was 3 cm and 60% effaced, my doctor was shocked that I had not gone into labor yet. Colt and Case were both 3 days early and Jax was 3 weeks early. The baby was still pretty high in my pelvis at this appointment and my doctor did not want me to go much past 41 weeks so we scheduled an induction for Tuesday August 27.  Dave and I along with all the boys were born on odd days (5, 23, 25, 31 and 23) so I was really hoping all along that this baby would also be born on an odd day, thus I made sure to schedule the induction for an odd day assuming I did not go into labor first. On Saturday the 24th I started out the day with a long way with Case and Jax, followed by lots of bouncing on an exercise ball, spicy mexican food and ending the night with Dave and I watching a movie after the boys went to bed. I fell asleep about 10:00 with a few contractions going on but nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up at midnight (on the 25th!) and went to the bathroom when I noticed that I was having contractions. They were more intense than what I had been having for the past 3 weeks and they were also pretty close together (I would say around 5 minutes apart or so). I tried to go back to sleep but they kept coming, I got out the I-pad and played on that for awhile when I realized that they were not stopping and they seemed to be coming a little closer (I never really timed them). I figured I should call my mom and have her come over just in case it was the real thing, I made the phone call then woke up Dave and told him that I was having contractions but I did not think we needed to leave just yet. Dave got up and started timing them after the 2nd contraction he said "those are only 2 minutes apart, we are leaving NOW". He was a bit worried after me going SO fast with Jax and Case that we would not make it to the hospital in time for this one. My mom got to the house and we left, we got to the hospital and checked in. The nurse checked me and said I was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced but the baby's head was still high. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I told her as long as I was not still pregnant at noon I would probably be doing it without drugs. I laid on my side, Dave got the ice water, ice chips and cold washcloths and I focused on getting through each contraction and then relaxing and praying in between them. Honestly, the first part of the labor was much easier than either Jax or Case's had been. With both of them my water broke early on and so the contractions were intense (with Colt I was induced with pitocen and opted for an epidural). Since my water had not broken yet the contractions were very manageable, around 3:3she checked me again and said I was at an 8. She decided to call the doctor so she could come in and break my water. She said she felt like if the water broke her head would drop down and then we could have a baby.  My doctor got there about 4:00 and broke my water and said immediately that the head had dropped down, the next hour was tough. The contractions were bad since my water was broken and I was drenched in sweat. After each contraction Dave would replace the washcloths on my face and neck with ice cold ones to try and keep me cool. It was really nice not having to talk during this time, Dave knew exactly what I needed when I needed it and that made the pain a little better. Around 4:50 I rolled over and said I thought I needed to push, the doctor checked me and said I still had a small lip left on my cervix but thought I would be able to push through it.  I was so glad to finally be able to push, with the next contraction I started pushing and because she was still a little high (and a pretty good size baby) the pushing felt incredibly hard. I would not say it hurt because it was actually a relief to be able to push and I was so high on endorphins at that point but I had to push so much harder than I ever pushed with my other 2 natural deliveries. Even so, it only took 3 contractions and out came a screaming, crying baby. The doctor immediately put her on my chest and I looked at Dave. "Its a girl" he said and I started crying. After all that waiting and anticipation, months of praying for a healthy baby, going 5 days past my due date and then delivering this perfect little baby SHE was finally here. They let me keep her on my chest for quite a while and then took her away to weigh and measure her. She was my biggest baby by exactly 1oz, Colt was 8lbs 9oz and the other boys were 7lbs 6oz and 7lbs 9 oz.  She cried and cried until I finally got the chance to nurse her and she immediately latched on and ate for an hour.
We did not have a name for her when she was born because we were undecided on our girl names, we had three names that we liked: Colbi, Logan and Sawyer. I really really wanted to name her Sawyer, I had been trying to convince Dave when I was pregnant if she was a girl to name her Sawyer. But once she was born and everyone had left and it was just me, her and Dave in the room I started calling her all the names and Sawyer just did not fit. I finally told Dave, as much as I want to name her Sawyer she is definitely a Colbi. Funny enough Colbi is the girl name that we had when we were pregnant with both Jax and Case but since they ended up being boys we never used it. Then with this baby I kept feeling like we needed to do something besides a "C" name since we already have so many c names in our family but in the end it did not matter.
Our family is now complete.
We have 3 sons and a daughter.
We could not be happier.


Michelle said...

So happy for you! I loved reading every word of this!

desertrunnergirl said...

What a great birth story! Thanks for sharing. SO happy for all of you!

Tabaitha said...

Beautiful birth story!