Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rough Month : Colbi Lyn

Right after the first of the year Colt and Case both came down with a horrible chest cough, fever and cold. Colbi ended up getting it and Jax did as well.  Colbi was really laboring to breathe and the first day she got it she just layed in my arms all day hardly moving and breathing heavy. Later that night I finally took her to the urgent care, they sent me to the ER for a chest x-ray and we found out that she had pneumonia.  I followed up with her pediatrician the following day, they gave her breathing treatments to help with her breathing and also put her on augmentin to prevent the pneumonia from getting worse. I went home that day (Monday) with hopes that within the next 24 hours she would be feeling better. What happened instead was that for the next 5 days I watched her get sicker and sicker, her fever continued, breathing labored and her smile and eyes got sadder and sadder with each passing day. We took her in daily to be checked and they kept assuring us that after 48 hours on the antibiotic she would be feeling a lot better. As she got worse and worse the doctor decided to do some blood work.  The blood work showed her liver enzymes were elevated to around 2000 (normal for a child is 45-60), apparently she was having a drug induced allergic reaction to the antibiotic they had put her on. We immediately stopped the antibiotic but it was still another 2 weeks before she really started showing signs of herself again. This was literally the most awful and helpless I have ever felt when my child was sick. There was nothing I could do but pray and pray that she would get better, just watching her sick and motionless all the time was heartbreaking. I do not know how parents with kids who are gravely ill even survive. I barely could sleep each night and would lay awake with her in my arms listening to her breathe and praying that God would heal her. Finally, about a month after she was first diagnosed with pneumonia her liver enzymes were back to a normal range and she was her smiley, happy self again. 
 I took this picture the day before she came down with that awful sickness.
At the doctors office getting a breathing treatment.

This was one of the first pictures I got of her smiling once she started feeling better. It was the first time I looked at her and knew she was definitely going to be alright.
 Thankfully I was still on maternity leave when Colbi got so sick so I was able to spend all my time with her and not worry about work on getting a sub for my class. As she was getting better I had to return to work so I took her with me to my classroom one afternoon to get some work done. She was so cute sitting in my chair holding her lovie.
Nothing better than seeing that tongue again!

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