Monday, May 22, 2017

Case 6th Birthday Party with Friends

For his birthday this year Case asked if he could have a couple friends from his preschool over. Since we are still living in our duplex and we don't have a lot of room I suggested that I would pick up him and 3 friends from school and we could do a picnic at the park then go to Brights after for a treat. Case loved the idea, so after school on Monday I picked up Case, Colbi, and Case's friends Trey, Lane and Hailey and we went to the park for pizza and play. It was a super hot day (90 degrees) and the kids were sweating but that didn't stop them from having so much fun. After a couple hours at the park we headed to Brights for ice cream before taking his friends home.  It was a fun group of kiddos! Case kept telling me it was his best day over and thanked me over and over again throughout the day.  Colbi loved playing with his friends and Case was so great at including her and wanting her to be part of it. 

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