Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring 2017

 Walks with Papa and Jordan at the reservoir.
 Dave's new toy!
 Running with my girl.

 Oh Colbi!
 Best buds forever.
 Memah and Colbi.
 Baseball camp at Whitman College.

 Fun with cousins over Spring Break at the property.
 The big kids.
 Colbi thinks Sam is just the best.
 Happy 37th Birthday Dave!

 Colt, Jax and I took a hunters safety course and got our hunting license. I was super proud of the boys, it was a lot of work and not always fun but they had the best attitudes.

 We have a mailbox!
 These two.....
 Hiking and shooting bows.

Also touching even in their sleep.
 Case had soccer camp for a few weeks in May.

 Maple Bars with Mom at the older boys school.
 Cheering on their brothers at the baseball field.

 Jax on base.
Colt playing in the outfield.

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