Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Baseball 2017

 Baseball was fun this year. Colt got drafted up to the majors and played for Coke Zero while Jax played on the same team he did last year which was Walla Walla Clinic. We pretty much spent 5 nights a week at either baseball practice or games or sometimes both. I will say it was so much fun! I think the only thing better than playing competitive sports is watching your kids play sports.
Jax's favorite player on Colt's team was Joseph and he asked him to sign his baseball at the last regular season game.
Colt ready to play in the outfield. He improved SO much this year. It was so good for him to play with kids older and better than him. He really enjoyed his team and the other players.
Jax made the all-star team for the minor league. He got to play under the lights on the major field.

Colbi kept us entertained during the games as usual. Luckily there were a lot of friends and other people around so she could play and run around.

I think both Colt and Jax have started to really enjoy baseball. Jax especially wants to play catch and for me to pitch him balls all day long. They are both going to play fall baseball instead of soccer this year.

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