Friday, June 2, 2017

Case and Colbi Preschool

Case and Colbi have finished preschool at Mustard Seed for the year today. They both had a wonderful year, the teachers were truly awesome and both of the kids had such good experiences. Colbi will go back to Mustard Seed in the fall and Case will start kindergarten at Berney Elementary.

 100th Day of School cape.
 St. Patricks' Day celebration.

 Easter egg hunt.
 Maple Bars with Mom.
Miss Orozco, Case and Mrs. Hayes.
 Case's class.
 Family picture on their graduation ceremony night. So cute to see them up their singing loudly and being brave.
 I know Colbi is going to be sad not to have Case with her next year. She misses him so badly when he is not around.
Di Di and her mini.

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