Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random updates

As I type this Dave and I are sitting in the family room watching a movie, Colt is staying the night at my parents and Jax is asleep in his crib (where he has been since 6:00, hopefully I will not pay for that tomorrow morning). We had an awesome day which started nice and early, followed by coffee (for me), milk and bananas for Colt and some nice warm milk for Jax, as well as snuggles on the couch while watching cartoons. I let Dave sleep in this morning and put both boys in the stroller and went for a run, I had to promise Colt we would go to the park at the end of the run in order to get him into the stroller. It rained last night and so all the playground equipment was wet so Colt and I (holding Jax) had fun running around the soccer field and doing lunges together. We got home and made breakfast together and spent the rest of the morning just relaxing around the house, helping Colt with his letters, letting Jax nap on my chest and watching some football. My parents have wanted to have Colt spend the night for quite awhile now but I was having a hard time parting with him (I feel so guilty leaving him every day for work that on the weekends I feel like I need to spend every moment I can with him), Colt really wanted to go though so I let him and of course they are having a fabulous time! It has been odd only having Jax and Dave mentioned to me tonight that this is how it was when Colt was a baby. Having only one is so much easier and quieter, but I do miss the noise and the bedtime routine and Colt constantly coming up to me and giving me random kisses!
We have been trying to get back on a schedule since Christmas break and it has taken some time to get us all adjusted again. Dave and I have been trying to make a conscious effort to not plan a bunch of extra things right now and spend all our time when we are not working just being together as a family. Between work, everyday chores around the house and the kids we are still keeping pretty busy but at least we are not running all over the place trying to do a bunch of activities and wearing ourselves out. More than ever right now I just want to spend my time at home, snuggling, playing or running around with our boys. Track season is just over a month away and lasts from March 1- May 30 (the day before Jax's 1st birthday), those will be long days and the weekends will be busy with track meets as well so I am savoring as much time as I can get with the kids before the "crazy" sets in. Though I did not make any big new years resolutions this year I did tell myself that I wanted to try and really enjoy each and every moment that I have with my family and not focus on what is going to happen next week or next month or next year.
Better sign off. Dave and I have a hot date in our bedroom with the cribbage board. Winner gets a big long back rub....I can't wait I ALWAYS win at cribbage!

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The Price Family said...

Haha! Let me know how that back massage was. I love when you just post about what is going on, you are such a good mommy Care. Such a good friend too, thanks for that :)