Friday, January 1, 2010


We got some snow and  Dave decided to take Colt sledding around our neighborhood.
He hooked the sled up to his 4-wheeler and pulled Colt around for a good hour. Colt refused to let him stop, he was having such a great time.
"Again Daddy!!"
I went out to take some pictures of the boys sledding and put Jax in the baby bjorn facing outwards, he loved it and I thought it was pretty cute that I am the one taking this picture but he still smiled for the camera with no coaxing.


Keri said...

Shouldnt be up right now, Car, but couldnt resist checking out your cuties since I found your blog again. WOW. What a smile little Jax has. Unreal. DOES go way too fast!

The Park Family said...

Jax is too cute in this picture!! I am glad no one was hurt in the sledding! All I could think about it Colt sliding under the four wheeler!!! UGH! I am already worrying and I am not even a mom yet!