Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year!

2010 is upon us and time to wrap up 2009. It was a great year for a lot of reasons and I am sad to see it leave but as always I will look to the future (Jeremiah 29:11) and am excited to see what 2010 will bring. Before I close off the last post of 2009 I wanted to recap some of the highlights of the past year.
  • January
    • Colt had the flu and threw up for 10 days in a row!
    • Katie and Travis got married
      • Colt was the ring bearer and did a fabulous job walking down the aisle with Camryn.
  • February
    • Trip to Hawaii
      • Dave qualified for a trip through work so we took 6 days off of work and headed to Hawaii for some fun family time. Colt was awesome and it was nice and relaxing, we didn't get to do alot since I was 5 months pregnant at the time.
  • March
    • Not much happened though I do remember just feeling like I was getting fatter each day:)
  • April
    • Colt moved to a big boy bed and we finally got the nursery prepared for the new baby.
    • Colt's first trip to the Portland zoo. He loved it and we can't wait to take him back.
  • May
    • Jax David arrived 3 weeks early much to our surprise and my delight! We were thrilled when we found out he was a boy though it took us over 12 hours to finally come up with a name it does fit him perfectly.
  • June
    • Colt turned 2!
    • Trip to Lynden for Chris Price's 30th birthday party and to spend time with our close friends.
  • July
    • Enjoyed some time getting used to our new family of 4. We stayed close to home and did a lot of playdates with friends.
  • August
    • Trip to Lake Chelan with all our college friends and there families
    • Family trip to the Couerd'lane Resort (another trip Dave qualified for through work)
  • September
    • Marni and I ran in a half-marathon in Richland.
  • October
    • Went to Boise for Halloween. Both boys were Harley Dudes.
  • November
    • Dave spent time in Boise elk hunting and South Dakota deer hunting. He was very successful.
    • Marni and I ran another half-marathon together in Boise. She waited for me at the top of each hill and we crossed the finish line together.
    • Back to work for me. It was hard to leave my kiddos after being home with them for the past 5.5 months. Luckily they have adjusted well and really enjoy there babysitter.
  • December
    • Spent Christmas with Dave's family in Kennewick. We had a great time and Colt loved the holidays.
Good-bye 2009!!

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