Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came early and fast because the kids were up periodically throughout the night. Jax woke up first and Colt soon after. We had a quiet morning with just Dave's mom and dad, drinking coffee and opening our gifts as a family of 4 while we waited for everyone to wake-up/arrive. Everyone was up and ready for breakfast by around 9:00 and we had the traditional bread dough pudding and coffee.

Katie, Travis and Jax relaxing together Christmas morning. Katie and Jax are both matching in there onesie pajamas.

Afer breakfast we all went into the family room to open presents. Half the room was filled with presents because of all the people in Dave's family. The kids were so excited to open presents.

Aunt Katie held Jax all morning and he eventually just napped on her chest for 2.5 hours. Jax slept through his first Christmas which probably was not such a bad deal considering that Dave and I did not get him one gift. He really already has everything he needs and the very sensible side of me said that anything we buy him would just add to the pile of toys the boys already have. We did the same thing for Colt's 1st Christmas so I don't feel too guilty. His grandparents got him some cute toys and pajamas anyway so he did get some gifts this year.

Colt and Camryn opening there first present from Memah and Poppi. They both got a playdoh set.

Colt showing us his new bible.

Dave's parents got him a tool bench to go with the tool set that Dave and I had gotten him.

He fell in love with it and wanted to play with it right away. Dave took it to the other room and set it up for him while everyone else was still opening gifts. Both Colt and Camryn enjoyed playing with it, Colt kept telling me he was building a doghouse.

Hammering away.
Colt also got lots of books and coloring stuff, a Ford truck with 4-wheeler and camo tent from Cabelas, pajamas, sleeping bag, motorcycle and lots of other little things from his Memah and Poppi. Dave and I got him a tool set, wallet and handcuffs and Jax got him a Veggie Tale dvd. He had a fabulous Christmas and loved every moment of opening the presents and playing with all his new toys.

Daddy and Colt playing after all the presents were opened.
Colt got so many toys from Mike and Julie, I don't even know where we are going to put all of them but he is one lucky little boy. Dave and I both got a lot of nice presents as well. Dave got a bunch of hunting stuff (boring:))along with a 5-pin sight for his bow and a portable archery target from me. This was the year of workout stuff for me which I loved. I got a couple workout outfits, i-phone armband so I can go running, nike running headband, gloves, under armour socks, as well as a sonicare toothbrush (which I was soooo excited about), new bath towels, calendar with stickers (which fulfilled my obsession with organization), cake plate and best of all a food chopper. After presents, the boys played games, Colt went down for a nap and I went on a great run in my new workout gear. We had prime rib, crab legs, salad, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls for dinner that night. It was such a wonderful Christmas and so much fun to watch Colt get so excited to open all his presents. We are so blessed to get to celebrate Christmas with our families each year and to really celebrate the birth of Jesus and to reflect on the gifts he has given us. Even though this post is all about presents the day did not revolve around that. Dave and I have both made sure to tell Colt the story of Jesus' birth many times during the month of December and when we talk about Christmas to him we always refer to it as a celebration of Him.

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