Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colt's Bow

Colt received a new bow and arrow set from his Poppi this past weekend and it has easily become his favorite thing to do in the entire world! Dave has been doing quite a bit of archery lately and he has taken Colt with him a few times when he does it. Colt loves to go with him and "shoot deer" so he was in heaven when he saw his new bow. It took him less than one full day to figure out how to do it all by himself with no one else's help. He has become a very good shot too. He likes to go around the house telling me he is going to shoot deer or a rabbit or a bird or whatever animal pops into his head at that time. Dave got a deer ornament for Christmas and I put it up on the tree, within one hour Colt had found the deer and was shooting at it! I had to remind him of his boundaries. We really work with him on only shooting certain animals, and its never okay to shoot people, etc. He does a good job of being responsible about it and has been very careful about not shooting around Jax. I know a lot of people don't think that it is good to let there kids play with guns but since Dave is such a big hunter and it is so much a part of our life, he is adamant that Colt is going to learn very young the rules of gun safety since there will always be guns in the home (though he keeps them locked up in a safe). Anyway, Colt LOVES his new toy and could care less about anything else right now.



Marni said...

he is such a freaky stud!

Conlin Family said...

It looks like hunting is moving down the line!