Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh' Christmas Tree

After a very nice morning we decided to go out and pick up a Christmas tree at Klickers. Colt had lots of fun running through the trees and even picked out a tree for us.

It was so cold outside so I put Jax in my baby wrap and he was so cozy and warm. He stayed awake the entire time and was very content.

This is not the tree we picked but Dave was being funny because its the first tree he saw so he said "Care this is it." He complains every year about what a pain it is to go out and get a tree and then come home, put it up, put the lights on, decorate, etc. but he does it because he knows I love it!

This is the tree Colt picked, he said to me "Look mom this is the tree I want." Notice the stick in his other hand, he was running around pretending to have a sword fight...this kid is a lot of energy!!
We put the tree up this evening and after Dave put all the lights on Colt helped me decorate. We went with a smaller tree this year because we don't have room for a bigger one with all the kids toys, books, bouncers and swings. Colt did a really good time hanging his ornaments and he thought it was so fun, he is only 2 years old and he already has like 10 ornaments of his own! He was even very careful with the breakable ones and would not touch them. He would say "be careful mommy those are breakable" the kid cracks me up.


Julie said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. The boys are so so cute I love opening blog and seeing the update. Jax is looking so old, I can hardly wait to see him and Colt.

Julie said...
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The Price Family said...

Oh yeah and you look beautiful, so nice to see a picture of you! Love your hair! It is nice to see a picture of the girl I talk to on the phone everyday that keeps me sain :) I need to see you more!!!!