Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas with Papa and Di Di

We celebrated Christmas with my parents this morning. They are leaving tomorrow for Boise to meet up with my sister and then flying to Playa del Carmen in Mexico for a week. Marni is always bummed the years that we spend Christmas with Dave's family because it is just her and my parents and very quiet and so this year she convinced my parents they should spend Christmas in Mexico. My parents came over and we had breakfast, played with the kids and opened presents. Colt got some new clothes, turtle slippers(which he has been wearing everywhere except outside), floor puzzle (we have probably already put it together 15 times), books and a blue sleeping bag from Aunt Marni. Jax got a new carseat, 3 pairs of pajamas, a book and a dark green sleeping bag from Aunt Marni. Colt wanted to open all the gifts himself and he had the best time doing it!

Opening up my new pair of running shoes from my dad. Love them!!!

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