Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday in December

Our morning started off early which is normal, it was nice not to have to go work and be able to relax with the kids, have a cup of coffee and snuggle. Colt wanted to make biscuits so we got out the angel and tree christmas cut-outs and we made angel and tree biscuits for breakfast.

He loves to help out in the kitchen.

Jax was there too, he sat in his seat while Colt and I made breakfast.

After breakfast, Jax went down for a nap (he slept for 3 hours, I am hoping it will help him fight off this cold) and I decided to go for a run by myself for once. Before leaving I snapped a few pictures of Dave and Colt outside. Dave has been enjoying his new "toy" many toys does a grown man need???

Pulling the arrows out of the target. Colt always has to be right by Dave's side.

This stance reminds me of the way that Dave always stands...hands in pocket with his hood up.

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McP Family said...

Colt looks like a little boy...not a baby. I can't believe it how fast they grow and how big our babes are.