Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We got to Kennewick around 4:30 on Christmas Eve and after hanging out at Dave's parents for a bit we all went to the Christmas Eve service at the church. The service was awesome and both kids did great and we were able to enjoy the entire thing. Colt was so good and Dave's mom had made sure to bring him a little bag with stuff to play with quietly during the service. It was nice having Dave's sisters there to help out. Katie held Jax the entire time and Randee helped entertain Colt as well.

After the service we went over to Kenzie and Andy's house for Christmas Eve. It is tradition in Dave's family to do appetizers for Christmas Eve so we had a bunch of yummy snacks and then opened presents. All of the kids draw names and we open up that gift for Christmas Eve.

Colt and Camryn loving on each other. They were both watching George and trying to wait patiently while we all finished eating so they could open presents.

Dave's mom bought everyone a nerf gun so for about 20 minutes everyone ran around the room shooting at each other over and over again. Colt loved it!
Taylor did not draw Dave this year but he still went ahead and got him this book. I have not seen Dave laugh that hard in a really long time. Its kind of inappropriate so I will not go into the details but the memory will be there for a long time.

Colt opening up his present from Andy, Kenzie and Camryn.
Colt got a new pair of cowboy boots and a camo hat from Kenzie, Andy and Camryn for Christmas. When I asked him recently what his favorite color was he responded with "camouflage" so anytime he gets something camo colored he gets very excited!

Aunt Randee made both Colt and Jax superman capes with the letter C or J on the back.  Colt LOVED it!

Miss Camryn.
We got her the boots for Christmas and Randee made her the scarf and hat.

 It is also tradition to always get pajamas for Christmas Eve. Randee and Katie have been asking for footsie pajamas like Colt and Camryn for a couple years now and this year Julie found them. Both of them were so excited!!:)

Colt got superman pajamas which he was thrilled about. Jax was sleeping the entire evening so I have no pictures of him but he also got a pair of cowboy boots and dog pajamas. Travis had Dave and got him a pair of army pants and Julie had me and got me a really cute sweatshirt and scarf. After presents everyone stayed and played games except Julie and I. We drove back to Dave's parents house and I put the kids to bed and finally went to bed myself around midnight. Dave did not get home until after 1:30. It was such a fun evening and I wish it never had to end!!

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