Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mires Family Photos

Over Thanksgiving when all of us were together my mom had Heather Pearce from Pearce Photography come out to my parents house and take pictures of the entire family. It has been YEARS since we have had a picture taken with everyone and it was alot of fun. Heather was fabulous and did the entire shoot in an hour and she got some great shots. Not easy to do with 4 kids 2 and under!

Big Family Photo!!
Papa, Di Di and there grandkids!
The Pemberton's
Dad, Mom and there girls.
That is probably obvious though.

Jax and Di Di.

Dave throwing Colt in the air.

This face reminds me pictures of Dave when he was little.

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Life in the Kerlee Household said...

Care - Those are awesome photos. Ones that you'll be able to look back on with great memories. It's amazing to me how much all of you and your sisters look alike. And all blondies! Jax and Colt are getting so big. The picture of him withi his new hair cut makes him look so grown up. Where is time going? They are getting so big. Have a geat Christmas. Take Care. - Tracey