Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookies.

Colt and I made Christmas cookies this morning. He had a haircut this morning with Vicki so we went and grabbed some breakfast and coffee (juice) at Starbucks, got Colt's haircut and then came home to bake and decorate sugar cookies. Colt loved it. I had made cream cheese frosting for the cookies and let him lick the beaters.

While we were waiting for the cookies to bake Colt said he wanted a snack so I gave him an orange. He loves those things and he loves to peel them all by himself! Notice his green turtle slippers, he wears them all over the house and puts them on all by himself. When did he get so big??

Jax was here too, hanging out under his playmat while we baked.

I set Colt's table up in the kitchen and gave him his own stuff to decorate his cookies with.

It went something like this: dip knife in frosting, spread on cookie a bit, then eat frosting off of his knife. Pretty sure he ate more frosting than actually went on his cookie. When he was done frosting he sprinkled it with green sprinkles.

So proud of his cookie design!
What a fun day, its so nice to have 2 weeks off from work right now and get to do some fun activities with him. He has also been a great help at putting the tape and bows on the presents that I wrap. He loves to be my helper.

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