Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jax : 8 months

8 months has gone by already and I can still remember that feeling of holding my sweet little boy in my arms for the first time. I remember the chaos of the delivery, asking if it was a boy or a girl, the feeling of overwhelming joy as I was told that God had given us another perfect little boy, looking at his swollen, blue face as he screamed and screamed and the feeling of realizing that I was a mommy of 2 boys! I believe that every child God gives us is for a reason. Growing up I always thought I wanted one of each and just assumed that is what I would get. Never did I think that after having my first son I would want another one, but I did. When I was pregnant we did not find out the gender, I am a person that loves surprises and so Dave went along with my wish (even though he really wanted to know) and we waited until the baby was born to find out. Everyone I talked to always assumed that I wanted a girl; I already had a boy so I must want a girl next….right? In my mind I tried to tell myself that I would be happy with either and of course I would have been but my entire pregnancy I couldn’t turn that part off in my heart that really really wanted another boy. So when the doctor told me that I had another son I was beyond overjoyed and overwhelmed. God had given me 2 sons, it was what I wanted but there was also a reason for it. He had entrusted us with these boys so that Dave and I would raise them to be good men, men who will some day (God-willing) grow up, marry and have children of there own, men who will follow God not just by there words but by there actions. When I think of the responsibilities we as parents have in raising our children it is overwhelming, its also a lot of work but there is no greater joy in my life right now than my 2 boys and if that is all God gives me then I have been truly blessed!
At 8 months Jax is:
• Sleeping 10-12 hours a night
• 2 naps a day (1-2 hours)
• Sits by himself
• Reaches for toys and bangs them together
• Claps when you say “Yea Jax!”
• Scoots and rolls, pulls knees up under him
• Makes lots of sounds (dada being one of them)
• Nurses 4 times a day and has baby food in the morning and evening
• Eats almost any baby food (except green beans)
• Likes puffs and real bananas – he is just starting to get the concept of using his gums to mash up small bits of table food
• Grabs food with 2 fingers and puts in mouth
• Stands in his crib while holding on to the rail by himself
• Cries when mommy leaves the room (but doesn’t care when anyone else does)
• Smiles all the time, laughs when he is tickled and hardly ever cries.
• Laughs and smiles when Colt talks to him
  • First tooth!! I just felt it today poking through on the bottom right side. Hopefully he is like his brother and doesn't bite when his teeth come in!
I love you baby boy!! Daddy and I are so excited to see the plans God has for you.

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The Price Family said...

Oh Care you are such a good mommy to your boys. You are right about boys it is funny how everyone just assumes that you wouldn't be satisfied until you had one of each, but I totally agree with you. God is good!