Friday, February 5, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys


These two sweet boys of mine are really starting to interact more lately. Colt is all about making Jax laugh and Jax is more than happy to oblige. It is fun to watch them start a relationship with each other, one of my biggest prayers is that they grow up to become the best of friends. I know it does not always work out that way among siblings, I have witnessed first hand siblings that don't get along and it is so sad to me. These two boys will grow up together, they share the same mommy and daddy, they will be raised with the same values but in the end they will be allowed to make their own decisions and I pray that there relationship with each other, no matter how different they may be, will be one of love and friendship.

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Marni said...

I am certain they will be besties! It is quite sad when siblings don't get along...can you imagine if you hated me? Actually I can't imagine anyone hating me. :) I miss you guys...load up the durango and road trip it!