Friday, February 26, 2010

Tattoos, Potty Training and Road Rash

Colt loves tattoos, he also loves showing off his muscles.
See what I mean???
Notice the band-aid across his forehead...
...and the scrapes on his nose and cheeks.

Road : 1
Colt : 0
Well all it took was for Colt to start pooping in the potty and falling on his face and he gets his very own post!! The tattoos were Dave's idea, he had to stay home with the kids on Thursday this past week and he told Colt everytime he goes pee in the potty he gets a new tattoo. His body is now covered with tattoos. That same day he happened to be playing frisbee with Dave in the road by our house and he went running for the frisbee, tripped and fell flat on his face. Dave said he didn't even put his hands out to catch him so his face took all the fall. He was tough though, when I got home from work and asked him what happened he said to me "the road punched my lights out." It's a running joke between Colt and Dave that they are going to punch each other's lights out (yeah blame that parenting style on Dave), so I just about died laughing and so did Dave when Colt told me that the "road punched his lights out." The kid never fails to make me laugh day after day. He sure makes me happy! What would make me even happier is if he would just potty train himself, he has been wearing big boy underwear for the last 2 weeks and doing well. I am not posting anything else about potty training until he has been doing it accident free for at least 2 weeks otherwise I am afraid I will jinx myself.


The Keatts Family said...

Mean, mean road! I'm glad I had a heads up so I didn't offend him on Monday :)

Michelle said...

Let the games begin! What a boy. He is after my heart with the tatoos! And if it is one thing I've learned, although daddy does NOT parent the way I do, sometimes it is better. :)

McP Family said...

"The road punched my lights out" that cracks me up!!! Madi is potty trained now. She wears a pullup to bed at night but other than that she is in big girl panties and does and awesome job. My secret...."Elmo's Potty Time" DVD. I never knew Elmo could potty train Madi better than I...but turns out he can. $9.99 at Target (maybe even Walmart).

The Park Family said...

He is sooo Cute!!!! I miss him! I hope I will be able to see all of you when I come up in April!!!

The Park Family said...

He is sooo Cute!!!! I miss him! I hope I will be able to see all of you when I come up in April!!!

Kenzie said...

That is so cute... the tatoos, the road "punching his lights out", and his adorable face! Thank you SO MUCH for the sweet comment on my blog- it truly means so much to me. Your boys are BEAUTIFUL and thank you so much for walking this road with us.

Happy Friday and lots of love,