Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random happenings of the week.

This past week was......well, interesting. Random, odd things kept coming up making it feel like one of the longest weeks ever. It wasn't necessarily all bad, just kind of weird. 
On Monday Dave saw a spinning bike (without a seat) in front of a house with a sign that said "free" on it. He pulled over and went to the front door to inquire about the seat, apparently they had put it out that morning and someone had come by and stolen the seat but left the bike (can a "free" seat really be stolen?). My husband, Mr. Fix-it, was undeterred by this and brought it home anyway. He has spent the last hour working on fixing it up and right now Colt and him are at Home Depot buying some paint to paint it. He is going to make a seat for it next weekend and then it should be ready to use. I am pretty excited about this, we have been trying to come up with ways to cut our budget for next year and one of our ideas was giving up our gym membership. I had originally said "absolutely not" especially because I  use it  used to use it everyday in the winter. However, after realizing how hard it is to get to the gym with the kids, my job and just daily happenings I am more than happy to give it up if the equipment is being brought to me (and of course with the stipulation that giving it up means I can stay home with the kiddos next year). Once the nice weather hits I will spend most my time running and riding my BIKE (more on that in a minute)outside.
Tuesday is the night we normally have our couples bible study but because its been moved to Wednesday for the next couple months it made the week seem out of balance in someway. Last week in growth group we decided to "fast" from something in hopes that when we started thinking about doing that it would turn our attention to God and quiet time. I gave up the computer (except for working purposes) so I was absent from blogging and facebook for the entire week. It took me forever to catch up on all my blogging friends (I didn't even try to catch up on facebook). I have to say I did miss it but I did do a much better job at reading my bible this past week! 
Thursday morning Colt woke up with 2 swollen pink eyes (yep pink eye!!), Dave agreed (reluctantly) to stay home with the boys since I have no sick days left at work. He took Colt to the doctor that afternoon to get him some medicine and they weighed and measured him. Turns out he has grown 4 INCHES in the past 7 months! I could not believe it when Dave told me that, he is 40 inches long and 34 pounds, This does explain why his pants have become mysteriously short over the last months (I kept thinking I was shrinking his clothes). Since we didn't get his antibiotics for his eye in him until late Thursday, Dave had to stay home with the boys on Friday as well. Lucky for me he decided to be Mr. Mom and clean, vacuum, mop and do all the laundry for me. It has been so nice this weekend not to have to clean all day and just enjoy the boys.  I have been very tired and overwhelmed these last couple weeks and so for him to do that for me really made today much more enjoyable.
In other exciting news, I got a new road bike on Friday. Dave had ordered it through his work for my birthday and it came early. We are planning on doing a triathlon together in July (Chelan-man) its a half mile swim, 26 mile bike ride and 10K run. I feel great about the running part and once I get riding my bike I will feel good about that too, the swim is what makes me so nervous. I do not enjoy swimming and I have never been that great of a swimmer but Dave has promised to help me with the swimming part so hopefully I don't drown while I am out there:). Track starts in 3 weeks, it is coming up so fast. In some ways I just want it to get here because it means I am that much closer to summer and spending time with the boys all day.
We have spent the day relaxing and just enjoying being together. I did get out for a run this afternoon and took Jax with me. When I started out I was dreading it and told myself I would run 3 miles and be done, however once I got going it started to feel good to be out and since I had nothing going on and didn't need to get home in a hurry I turned it into a 5.5 miler. Love those kind of runs! Alright, Colt is back from Home Depot and Jax is sitting next to me starting to stink, I think I better go change him and I have a feeling it might be one of those changing in which he needs a bath too!

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Tabaitha Kaye said...

That is awesome that you are starting to do a triathlon. I just bought my double jogging stroller! I also joined a gym this week. I asked for both as a joint Anniversary/Birthday present. It's early, but I don't mind. This week was abnormally long. I'm hoping next week flies by and it's a good one. Have a great rest of the weekend with your hubby and kiddos!