Friday, February 12, 2010

Too funny not to remember!

Dave sent me this email this morning at work. I laughed the entire way through it. He has no idea I am posting it but I wanted to have it as something to look back on and laugh about.

8:17            All dressed and running a little late for work. Still have to feed dogs
8:20            Go outside to let dogs out
8:20:30         Lakota steps in poop in the dog kennel as she is jumping around and   excited that I am letting her out
8:20:37 Lakota jumps on me leaving to paw poop prints on my khaki pants
8:20:38         Try unsuccessfully to kick Lakota and almost fall down on the wet grass
8:20:57 Slam door in dogs face and go upstairs to change pants
8:23            Change pants
8:25            Realize shirt doesnt go as good with these pants and need to my change shirt
8:26            Look outside to see if weather is nice enough to go short sleeve today
8:26.01         See Lakota and Sam leaving the cul-de-sac and realize the gate to the back yard was left open from taking out garbage the day before.
8:31            Get Sam in the back yard, but Lakota will not listen
8:37            Lakota finally responds to my yelling and comes back
8:37:01 Think to myself how could this get any worse
8:37:03 Hear a crash in the garage
8:37:05 See Sam come running out of the garage, out of the door I forgot to shut when trying to catch the dogs
8:37:13 Walk into garage and realize Sam has spilled an entire garbage can of food on the floor
8:37:28 Try to kick Sam and tweak my back
8:38            Try to find something to clean up food
8:40            Decide it would be better to feed dogs and get them locked up and then finish cleaning up
8:42            Feed dogs and close kennel
8:42:14 Byson runs under the fence and is chasing sheep next door
8:43            Neighbor comes outside to see Byson chasing her sheep and yells at Byson with me
8:44            Byson comes back
8:47            Feed Byson and am going to leave for work
8:47:03 Realize I cant find my keys
8:55            Remembered I wore a jacket to go archery shooting, and found keys in jacket pocket
8:56            Go into garage and remember that the food still isnt cleaned up
8:56:13      Cant find dust pan to clean up food because it is one of Colt's  favorite toys
9:01            Leave without cleaning up food.
9:07            Come up with an idea while driving for a new business.  The business would own the dogs and you could lease them during the year to go hunting.
9:09            Wonder if I could sell Sam, and if we could talk Gary and Diane to putting Bailey down and giving them Byson
9:16            Get to work and write you about my morning.
9:29            finished letter, wasted too much time


The Price Family said...

I have real tears coming I am laughing so hard. HILARIOUS! So glad you posted it!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Poor guy!

The Park Family said...

This is LIFE!!!