Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration

Dave's family came over today and gave me a little early birthday celebration. It was so nice of them to drive over and Kenzie, Andy, Camryn and Randee all came too. They brought stuff for dinner: my request was sub sandwiches and fruit. It was delicious and fun to have all of them there. It means so much to be that they all came and wanted to be there to celebrate my birthday.
This is the yummiest chocolate sheetcake with nuts that Dave's mom made me. I requested that too and it was beyond amazing.
Everyone singing "Happy Birthday"
Colt as always wanted to help me blow out the candles. His birthday is going to be so much fun this year. Mike and Julie brought me a present (gift cards to Starbucks and the Bicycle Barn to get my new pair of bike shoes, as well as a cute pair of earrings. They spoil me!!) and Colt wanted to help me open it right away. I love Dave's family and we always have so much fun together! Thanks for coming!

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The Park Family said...

I wish I could have been there!!! I miss those birthday parties, then the picking on every ones flaws...I love my family :)I hope it was a good Birthday!!