Monday, February 15, 2010

3 day weekend recap.

We have had a fabulous three day weekend. I really think that if every weekend was a three day weekend I would be a happier person.:) That extra day seems to be just what I need to get caught up on sleep, have enough time to get everything cleaned and laundry done as well as getting to spend extra time with my family. Here is a little recap of the weekend.

Silly picture I know but this was my breakfast Friday morning. I woke up early, worked out on our "new" spinning bike for an hour and then had coffee and a yummy breakfast before anyone else in the house woke up. It was a nice morning to myself even if it was early. Breakfast was baked oatmeal with fruit and coffee.....yum!!

 Dave's parents came over from Kennewick that evening and informed us that we needed to go out to dinner so they could have some alone time with the boys. Dave and I didn't object and went to Applebee's for dinner. It was nice to get out of the house and have dinner together, we talked alot about our future, plans for next year with me working (I will save that post for when we make a final decision), and future children. We are still on the fence, I want at least one more and Dave says he is happy with our 2 boys. We rented a movie but by the time we got home, Dave's parents left and we got the boys in bed we were pretty tired. Plus the opening ceremonies for the Olympics was on so we got caught up in that and never watched the movie.

Saturday was gorgeous outside, I think it was somewhere around 50 degrees but the sun was shining and it felt like spring. Dave had left to have breakfast with some friends and so I put the boys in the stroller and we went on a run. We stopped at the park at the end of the run and I let Colt play for awhile and even Jax went down the really small slide. Colt can do all of it by himself now and he seems so big to me. Dave and Colt were at the store the other day and Colt pointed to this guy and said "Dad, is that guys hair broken?" Dave looked over at the guy and he was bald. I love the mind of a 2-year old!
 After we got home from our run we had some breakfast and then Dave got home and said lets go on a bike ride. Dave had got me a road bike for my birthday later this month and we decided to go and get some lunch and then ride a couple miles. Dave hooked the bike trailer up to his bike and we put both kids in and away we went. We road for a couple miles and then stopped at Subway for lunch. After lunch we decided to go on a little longer ride, both the kids ended up falling asleep so we just kept going. It is so much different than a mountain bike, you can go much faster and see so much more. We were out in the country by our house and it was beautiful, the kids were awesome and we ended up riding 30 miles. My neck and bottom were pretty sore that night and Dave's legs were dead from pulling the kids the entire way. We hit some pretty steep hills that even I thought were tough going up, I can't even imagine how hard they were pulling the kids too! We relaxed the rest of the day and watched more Olympics that night but both of us were asleep by 9.
Dave made us all breakfast for Valentine's day, we had pancakes and eggs. Colt and I went to church and Dave and Jax stayed home (Jax still has a pretty green, snotty nose so I didn't want to put him in the nursery and infect everyone else). Colt loves Sunday school now, he just walks right in like its no big deal and has a blast. Dave and I were planning on going on another bike ride and my parents were going to come over and watch the kids but it rained all day so we ended up not going. My parents wanted Colt to stay the night so we dropped him off at Papa and Di Di's around 5 and then spent the evening with just Jax. It was fun but quiet and we were both asleep around 10 (we are getting old and boring!). We did not do anything special for Valentine's Day. Dave has never liked the holiday, he thinks that we should always show our significant other how much we care about them and pretty much from the moment we started dating he informed me of this, at first I was kind of disappointed when year after year I got nothing for Valentine's Day but after being with him for 10 years it no longer bothers me and the plus side is I don't have to worry about what to get him every year (he is hard to buy for and Christmas and his birthday is tough enough!). The nice thing for me is that my birthday is 9 days after Valentine's Day so I always feel like February is a pretty good month for me anyway!  As the kids get older I will do fun stuff with them but its not a holiday that really means anything to 
Dave and I.  
After sleeping for 8 hours straight for the first time in probably a year I felt like a new person this morning. With Colt at my parents he did not come get me in the middle of the night like he usually does and Jax slept all night until 6:00 this morning. After feeding Jax the three of us drank coffee and stayed in bed until 7:30 watching the Today show and playing. It was nice because that is something we rarely get to do anymore and it was fun to give Jax some extra attention since Colt was getting lots of attention from his grandma and grandpa. Dave left for work and I put Jax in the stroller for a run.
Before the run. 
I have no make-up on and my hair has not been washed since Saturday but I have very few pictures with my boys so I am putting my pride aside and posting this:).
I love this picture. Even though Jax is not looking at the camera I love that I am hugging him and he is smiling at me!
After the run and a quick shower we drove out to my parents to pick up Colt. We stayed over there for a couple hours and then came home. I have been working with Colt on potty training all weekend long. This is by far the worst part of parenting but I am trying really hard to be patient and not push too hard. He is doing well for the most part, he has had a few small pee accidents but when he does forget and start to pee he immediately stops and  tells me and we go and finish in the bathroom. Up until now he has had a fear of pooping but he finally did it in the toilet a couple times this weekend. We'll see how the week goes, its hard to keep this up when I am not home with him during the day. This afternoon Colt decided not to nap, after having quiet time in his room for an hour he came out and said he was done "sleeping" I didn't argue, it was already 2:30 and I wanted him to sleep well tonight so I put Jax in the sling and we went outside to ride bikes and enjoy the nice weather.
I love these boys!! 
We have had so much fun this weekend, I am going to miss them when I go back to work tomorrow. I have already started the countdown for spring break. It can't come fast enough!


Tabaitha Kaye said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love the park pictures. Jax looks so cute all bundled up for your run this morning. Hope you have a good week.

Shane & Courtney Stacy said...

You guys sounded like you had a great weekend as and family and relaxing, as a teacher there is nothing better than a 3 day weekend to have an extra day. I love reading your posts and how you spend the time with your family. I sure did my share of nothing for my 4 day weekend and it was great and some much needed time to relax.