Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Many faces of Colt

Deer season is just around the corner and it seems that every evening Dave is coming in the door with a new toy. Last night's "toy" was face-paint. Apparently, not only do all of Dave's clothes have to be camouflaged his entire face must be too. I said to him last night "So deer season is 19 days long, you go out twice a day (early morning and late afternoon), that means you have to re-apply that paint 38 times.....your probably going to need more than one box." His response was "It's only going to take me one day to get my deer"......whatever! The next thing I know Colt looks like this and I find these pictures on my camera today. Dave was telling him what to do and here are his faces......
Starting it off with his "happy face"
"Sad Face"
"Crying Face"
"Fighting Face"
"Bow-hunting pose"
Ending it with a smile.....this kid is funny!
Side note: that paint is not easy to get off even after a bath last night he still went to bed with paint on his face and of course he wanted Dave to reapply it at lunch again today!


Mrs. Hutch said...

Love it!

... Us Lyons... said...

Wow. But look at it this way, Dave is the only one to teach him to be a man. and a cute little one at that. what fun!

mires said...

Well as we marched through the woods yesterday to carry supplies for the deer stand Dave was building, Colt's comment (with his camouflage face paint), "Di Di we have to watch out for the "tricty" parts". I had no idea what he meant until we came to some water on the trail that needed to be crossed by walking on a small log. Thats when he said, "Can you help me, this is tricty". Then I knew he meant TRICKY! He just makes my day.

Rach said...

Did you try make-up remover?