Friday, August 27, 2010

This past week.

School has started and we are all adjusting to the new schedule. Thankfully, this year that schedule does not involve daycare but there will be times when Dave is out of town for work, hunting, fishing, etc. that I will have to get a babysitter for the boys in the morning. We already have one lined up for a couple days next week when deer season opens and I am hopeful that it will not be too hard to continue to find ones that are available. We have continued to have fun this past week with the boys. Dave takes them running every morning, makes them yummy breakfasts (that I get to enjoy when I get home) and for the most part has kept the house pretty clean for when I get home (I am sorry to say that there is nothing that puts me in a worse mood than when I leave a clean house and come home 3 hours later to a dirty one!). I try to plan some type of fun activity for them everyday and once we get better adjusted we will do play dates with friends and MOPS at our church. Colt is also going to take swimming lessons again this fall.
Colt had a dentist appointment on Wednesday. He crawled right up in the chair, put the Superman glasses, smiled at me when I took his pictures and then wanted to do nothing else the entire time but...
....look at himself in this mirror that the hygienist gave him. They were able to look at his teeth (while I was holding him) and he let them paint a little fluoride on but that was about it. I had Jax with me too, but thankfully Jax was very well behaved and just sat there chewing on a toothbrush the entire time. Not a perfect dentist visit but it could have been worse.
On Thursday I decided to let them paint with pudding. I knew this was going to be a very messy project (I have a hard time with messy) but I also thought it was something that both Colt and Jax could do so I just went for it. They had so much fun but made the biggest mess in the world. There was chocolate on my walls from Jax!
I think he ate more than he painted.
He loved body painting.
So then Colt wanted to body paint too.
They had so much fun! I gave them a bath and Colt called it "a chocolate bath". Since it was already 4:30 I put them in their pajamas and we played in Jax's room shooting hoops until Dave got home with Papa Murphy's.
Today after I got home we went to the park, it was about 70 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather to be outside and running around. They both had fun and were all smiles the entire time.
Jax's favorite part was digging his shoes into the ground and covering them (and he always loves the swing).

It has been a great week, sure there were times when Jax cried for no reason, Colt threw one (or 2 or 3) of his awesome 3-year old fits, Dave or I was up at night with a certain 3 year old who had to pee, poop, was scared or my favorite "but Mommy I just neeeeeed you". It's not anything that any other mom with young children doesn't already deal with. The great thing is those hard moments are quickly over shadowed by a great one and that's what makes it all worth it.


The Price Family said...

I just love you and your family. So glad this new schedule is so perfect for you. The best of both worlds! Good work mommy. Maybe I will leave pudding finger painting on the babysitters list of things to do, and make sure clean up is done before I get home, ha ha.

mires said...

Loved the pics and update. Grandma Di Di missed them sooo much this week because of my work. Wish I could teach part time and then come home to THEM!! You are one lucky mommy.

The Park Family said...

I am not surprise that Jax didn't throw a fit at the dentist....he is the best behaved kid ever!