Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Relaxation Mode

We have been in full relaxation mode this past week since we got back from vacation. I have tried to limit our activities and besides a few fun play-dates and a BBQ with friends we have been just trying to relax and play at home. My parents had the boys over to stay the night last Thursday so Dave and I took full advantage of the time alone. We met at the Y after Dave got off work and swam for an hour, then went to dinner and to my favorite candy store Brights and then back home to watch a movie. We woke up early the next morning and headed back to the Y for another workout this time doing some cardio and some much needed weight training. We got a coffee after that and then Dave had to go into work and my mom came and dropped the boys off.  It was nice to get to spend some time just the two of us and since our 7 year anniversary was yesterday we called that night our anniversary celebration.
  I go back to work in less than 3 weeks and have slowly started getting ready for that. Since I am only going to be at work 3 hours a day (teaching 2 classes), I am not dreading the start of school as much as I have in the past. This year the boys will not have to be in daycare and will be with Dave from the time they wake up until 9:30 when I return home and then with me the remainder of the day. I really hope this works out for all of us and the transition goes smoothly. I am also going to be teaching an online class which is about 2-3 hours of work a day. I am hoping between teaching at school, teaching online and taking care of the boys that I will be able to get all of us in a good routine that works well for everyone.

Colt has been a blast to hang out with this summer, I am so glad I am a teacher because I am always going to get the summers with my kids and it is so enjoyable. He had his 3 year check-up and he is just under the 90% in weight and just over the 90% in height. My big boy is always on the go from the moment he comes in my room in the morning to say "Good morning mommy can I have chocolate milk and a banana" he is off and running. We play outside, ride bikes, play catch, pick raspberries, pretend to fight countless lions and dragons, read books, color, do puzzles, play games (Memory, Operation and I Spy are his favorites right now), play a lot with his GI Joes and much more. My favorite is after Jax goes to bed Colt will sometimes ask for an "ice tream tone" and we go outside on our back patio and eat our ice cream and play "I Spy". He sits in one of our big chairs and happily licks away at his cone, trying to keep it from running everywhere (he is pretty neat for being a 3 year old boy) and tries to find the objects that "I Spy". He is great with Jax, hardly gets jealous, always makes sure Jax has a toy and loves to share his toys and snacks. I could not have asked for a better boy and even though he has his naughty moments and throws a tantrum every once in awhile the good days far outweigh the bad.

Jax is growing, growing and growing. I am certain he eats more food that Colt does right now and is not picky either. Whatever I am eating he wants it no matter what it is, if its not given to him he lets us know just how unhappy he is about it. He is starting to say more words and is signing a lot as well. The most common words he uses are " Mama, Dada, thank you, banana (nana), up (when he wants to be picked up) and uh-oh" He knows what a kitty and a cow say and he also knows the signs for " dog, please, more, thank-you (he signs this and says it) and eat". He is closer to walking and I think once he starts walking he will thin out a bit (that's what happened when Colt started walking anyway). In the past week he has been standing all by himself for longer periods of time, he walks all around the furniture and will move from different pieces throughout the room, he will also walk around just holding on to the tip of my finger but if I let go he refuses to even try and take a step. If I try and coax him to walk from standing he will sit automatically sit down without even trying, it will happen soon enough! He is my cuddle boy and loves to cuddle before naps or bedtime, he is always coming over to me and laying his head on my stomach. I can't get enough of his hugs and kisses!

Dave is looking forward to fall weather, it means fishing season is coming up and hunting season is not far after that. He already has some pretty fun trips planned this fall and I know he is looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying some man time

I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the holiday seasons coming up but am trying to enjoy these last 3 weeks before work starts again. I have 2 half marathons planned this fall that I have started training for and am looking forward to those. My little sister is going to come and run the Walla Walla half with me on 10/10/10 and then I think I am going to run the Indian Summer Half-Marathon that Marni and I did last year in Richland. It is 2 weeks before the Walla Walla race and I am thinking about using it as my last big training run.
Lastly, some random pictures of the boys:

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The Price Family said...

Glad you are getting some quality time. Have fun getting ready for school Pem! I love that name! Haha. Anyway I am having a hard time getting up to the school because NOBODY will take all 3 of my kids at a time. So even though I may be down one or two some of the time, it is hard to go up there with any of them...As you know, working moms, it is hard. LOVE YOU PEM!