Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

We had family pictures taken at Howard Amon Park in Richland on June 18th. It was hot and Jax refused to smile for most of the photos but they still turned out great!

 We will be married 8 years August 2nd.

 Colt Mires : (almost) 4 years

 Jax David: 2 years

Case Michael : 3 weeks

Love my family of 5!


Tabaitha Kaye said...

You are so brave to pictures outside in the middle of the summer. There is no way we would ever attempt that down here in Texas due to it being 106 degrees or higher for the last month. We would be sweating the entire time. The pictures turned out great and you look FABULOUS!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

I love these pictures!!! I love a family of 5!! I love your boys!! They are growing so fast. I know you are enjoying every minute! Can't wait for our boys to play together one of these days! Enjoy your babies!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...
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