Friday, July 29, 2011

Oregon Coast 2011: Depoe Bay

We went on vacation to the Oregon Coast with Dave's family. Dave's parents have a time share and treated everyone to a nice family vacation. We had 14 people total on the trip and two condos. We stayed at Depoe Bay the first two nights and then moved over to Gleneden Beach the next 5 nights (they are both very close to Lincoln City). We had a great time and did a lot of fun things; swimming, the beach, the Newport Aquarium, flying kites, early morning runs on the beach (Dave's sister Katie and I!), yummy food and lots of laughter. The weather was perfect, sunny most days and in the high 60's. That is my kind of perfect summer weather, it was still warm enough to swim most days with the sun and the heated pool and for the most part we didn't freeze too bad.
 We left at 9am on Thursday morning, we arrived in Depoe Bay at 10 pm. It was a LONG day but we did stop quite a few times including some shopping at the Woodburn Outlet malls so the trip was broken up pretty well and all the boys did good. Jax had gotten a cold the day before we left so he was a little grumpy on the ride over but for the most part it went smoothly.
 The condo at Depoe Bay.
 The view from our condo at Depoe Bay. We stayed there the first two nights, it was pretty cold and foggy and there was no real beach access but it was still beautiful. There was a big grassy area behind our place that overlooked the ocean.
 Memah and Poppi.
 Memah and her girls.

 Dave's sisters. Randee, Katie, Kenzie.
 They had a arts and craft project at the condos, the kids made necklaces. Colt was very into decorating it and doing it himself, Jax was more into telling me the color of each bead than actually making a necklace.
 Memah helping the kids with their necklaces.
Jax and mommy.
Katie had the difficult job of holding Case, this became a common theme of the week. She often referred to Case as her baby.
Cam and Jax. Colt was refusing to be in the picture.

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