Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

We headed over to Kennewick Sunday evening to start our 4th of July celebration. Dave went golfing with some friends and the boys and I went over to Memah and Poppi's to go swimming. The next morning we started the day off very festive, Memah made us pancakes topped with strawberries and blueberries.
 After breakfast we all went out in the front yard to decorate bikes. Dave started the day off with the first firework.
 Memah thought it would be fun to decorate bikes for the 4th of July and have a bike parade. The kids had fun decorating and riding their bikes.
Auntie Dee Dee and Case
 Dave and Colt decorating Colt's bike for the big parade!
 I helped Jax decorate his bike.

 The big group (minus Julie and I) getting ready for the parade.
 Calvin looking very patriotic.
 Memah pushed Case and walked with the doggies.
 The BIG parade.
It was so cute to see the little kids riding their bikes with the adults. I think we went maybe 400 yards and the kids were done and ready to swim! Maybe next year we will actually get around the block.
 After lunch we all went to Poppi and Memah's neighborhood pool to swim. 
Jax and Poppi played in the kiddie pool.
 Memah and Calvin.
 Mr. Case spent the entire time relaxing and sleeping in the shade.

 Mike offered to sit with Case so I could swim (thank you Poppi). Both of them ended up falling asleep.
 After swimming we came back to the house and all the boys napped while we relaxed. We had a delicious 4th of July bbq of chicken, corn, onions, green beans, baked beans and potatoes. After dinner we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, the best shortcake I have ever had! Memah made it from scratch and I could have easily eaten half the cake myself. Unfortunately everyone else felt the same way and the cake was gone pretty quickly so I only got one piece. Once it started to get dark we brought out the fireworks and sparklers.

 Colt really liked the fireworks and the sparklers. He spent all day asking Dave repeatedly if they could do sparklers again. Luckily Dave had bought about 150 sparklers so spreading it out through the day still left us with plenty more when it got dark.
Jax sitting with Uncle Taylor. Jax wasn't too sure about the fireworks, in fact he was pretty scared of them. He spent most the night on Taylor's lap or on mine.

Once it got dark we headed over to Andy and Kenzie's to watch the big fireworks from their yard in West Richland. It was quite a show, everywhere you looked there were fireworks going off in the sky. We got back to Mike and Julie's around 11 and stayed one more night and then left the next morning so Dave could get to work. On a side note: Case does not sleep well when we travel, we have stayed at Dave's parents a couple times since he was born and he fusses off and on all night long. Hopefully that gets better before our trip to the beach at the end of the month!

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