Monday, June 27, 2011

Jax : 2 years and Case: 1 month doctor appointments.

I look at these pictures of Jax and just think he looks like such a cute, sweet, and fun little 2 year old. Which he is, most the time. Lately, Jax has been acting, well like a 2 year old, something I am not that familiar with because Colt really never went through the "terrible twos". Jax's behavior is not really terrible but there are definitely some trying moments for me. The worst moment so far coming at his 2 year doctor check-up. The doctor was nice enough to schedule both Jax's 2 year and Case's 1 month at the same time so I didn't have to make two trips to the doctor's office with three kids that week. I thought that would work out great, I have taken all three kids to the doctor office on 5 different occasions in the past month. Every appointment went great and the kids were well behaved so I didn't think much of this appointment being any different. The biggest difference was that this appointment was for Jax, all the other ones he had been with me but they had always been for either Colt or Case. In fact Jax hasn't been to the doctor for himself since his 18 month appointment and I am pretty sure he cried through that one too (though nothing like this). I guess there are some drawbacks to having a healthy kid all the time. The minute we got into the room and I put Jax up on the table and the nurse tried to listen to his heart he started screaming and screaming and screaming and honestly never stopped for the almost 2 hours we were in there. He screamed when she measured his head, checked his ears, eyes, mouth, screamed while I tried to talk to the doctor about Jax (I am assuming he is doing fine because she didn't look concerned though I couldn't hear a word she was saying) and then proceeded to scream through much of Case's appointment. I was trying to hold him and calm him down but he wanted out of there, it only got worse when I had to take Case outside the room to weigh him. Jax followed me out (he had stopped screaming momentarily) and then he saw it and went running. When I say "it" I mean the treasure chest, and next to the treasure chest was a huge clear glass bowl filled with little colored bouncy balls. Jax has an EXTREME obsession with any type of ball. Once he saw the balls and I told him he couldn't have any until after his appointment he started screaming again. I pulled him back into the room and he continued screaming every once in a while he would stop and say " blue one, green one, orange one" meaning he wanted a blue ball or orange ball, etc. I kept telling him as soon as we were done he could go pick one out, at this point he was beyond reasoning and I was seriously ready to go out to the treasure chest and get a ball for him just so he would stop screaming but I also didn't want to give into him when I had already told him he had to wait. Luckily I had Colt with me, Case started fussing a little bit towards the end of the appointment as we were waiting for the nurse to come in and give the boys their shots, so Colt did his best to talk to him, put the binky back in and kiss him repeatedly. As soon as Jax got his shot I told him he was done and we immediately went to the treasure chest and he picked out a ball. All of a sudden he got quiet, looks at the doctor and says "tank oo" and walks away grinning. Meanwhile I had left Case alone in the room with the nurses (yes they had sent in two nurses to help me at this point) and he was screaming from his shot. With Colt and Jax both happy I got Case settled down and into the carseat and off we went to the car. The best part of the whole appointment was walking back through the office and reception area to get to the car and not one of the kids were crying. In fact from an outside perspective it probably looked like I had three adorable, well behaved little boys.:) Just like they say in the Halloween Berenstein Bears book that Colt keeps asking me to read lately "appearances sure can be deceiving".
Jax at 2 years - height 34.5 inches (75%) and weight 29lbs (60%)
Case at 1 month - height 22 inches and weight 10lbs 14 oz (no idea on the percentile, I couldn't hear what she said with Jax screaming in my ear).


posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Sounds like a fun Dr. appointment! =) Love days like those! I can't believe you have a 4 year old now! Time just flies! Love all of your pics and still DO NOT know how you have the time to post! I have 1 more week of summer school and then I can hopefully enjoy some time with the boys! Oh, and I love my hair because it takes no time at all to fix!! I do miss pulling it back, especially when I am on my walks! Enjoy your summer. Are you going back to work in the fall? Take care!

Life in the Kerlee Household said...

I'm sorry. I had to laugh at this post. I can not imagine how you were feeling! Your sacasim was hilarious. You are doing great. You're such a patient and good mommy. And don't worry....the "terrible twos" are only a phase....This too shall pass. Take care! Miss you